House in the Pampas

Built with traditional methods, noble materials and a limited budget, this contemporary design culminates a 20 year dream of a family of artists. Flexibility was key for the changing demands of the project. Activities vary from reading, painting, exhibiting art, and gathering around the fireplace in the built in lay beds which accommodate spontaneous guests.

The asymmetry of its 25 windows frames thousands of views of the Argentine pampas. Multiple vistas arouse curiosity, contemplation and motion, like paintings coming alive or screens capturing the changes of light and time; the harvesting of the crops, the deepness of the horizon and the ancient ombu tree.

Space experimentation is vital for the concept of this L shaped house, its different volumes with changing ceiling heights create different atmospheres. Sustainability was also important to his project implemented by the use of local materials, natural illumination, cross ventilation which allows natural breeze to flow.

The design was developed in Chicago by Manuela Garcia Faure Architecture with technical documentation, contract administration and site inspection by Architect Lorenzo in Buenos Aires.